Celebrating the Gift of Good Land
What do land protection, local food, and Robert Burns have in common? Almost 300 new and old friends answered the question at the First Annual Robert Burns Supper & Celebration of the Gift of Good Land on January 26th.  Robert Burns, Ploughman Poet of Scotland, lived in the 1700’s, and is widely celebrated for his poems and songs, including “Auld Lang Syne”.


Entering a candle-lit room, diners find places at long, white-linen tables. Bagpipers tune up faintly from a side room and, in the dining room, local farmers, brewers, and cooks oversee the food being plated. Robert Burns Suppers, traditionally held around his January 25th  birthday, are a time to read Burn’s poetry, toast everything held dear, and thrill to the bagpipes. After guests are seated with a drink, kilted musicians pipe in the Haggis. A sheep’s stomach filled with a mixture of oatmeal, lamb bits, and seasonings, haggis is a frugal, historic, and nutritious way to use all parts of an animal—everything but the baa.


Local beer, Cock-a-leekie soup, Shepherd’s pie with lamb or beef, bread, Clapshot, Cranachan ice cream, eggnog, and brined salmon; all are local and make a feast. West Nottingham High School students recite poetry and the gifted young Scottish dancer and her brother, the Wee Piper, prove that talent comes in all sizes. Charlie Zahm wins all hearts with Scottish songs, accompanied by strings and humor.


Join us next January 25th, for the 2nd Burns Supper, and please support our community by buying local. See our website for contact info for local food providers. Join with Cecil Land Trust to protect this land for your children and grandchildren.


A special thanks…
Airlie Farms (CSA at Flying Plow Market); pastured lamb, Larrimore and Staffordshire Farms; grass-fed beef, Rumbleway Farms; chicken, soup preparation, and brined salmon, Stoltzfus Bakery; bread, Kilby Creamery; eggnog and ice cream, Hightower Brewery; three kinds of beer, Charlie Zahm; music, oration, performance and generous contributions, WNA students; for poise, elocution, and courage, The Mackie Family; for guidance, bagpipes, and consummate Scottish joy and kilts, Crave Eatery; catering, The Board and Staff of Cecil land Trust.
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